Experience the Depth of Natural Daylight

Brings the Beauty of Artificial Skylights Indoors


Install Artificial Skylights that look and feel like natural light anywhere in your home or workplace. With Azure, spaces feel more expansive.  Rooms can come to life. 

Create a realistic and natural feeling of sunrise, noon, and sunset.

Easy Control from Smart Phone

Easy Installation By A Licensed Electrician In Minutes

Can be fully customized to fit any area in a home or office.

Seamless Integration With Panel/Grid Or Recessed Ceilings


Create a Calm and Pleasant Enviroment

With the utilization of cutting-edge nanotechnology and LED technology, combined with the Raleigh scattering principle, we can recreate the natural blue sky and sunlight indoors, whether it's at home, school, or the office, providing a feeling of being in an outdoor space. 

Sky with a Depth of Over 30,000 Feet

By harnessing nanotechnology, our virtual skylights mimic Rayleigh scattering, recreating the way sunlight interacts with particles in the air to produce a vibrant blue hue reminiscent of the sky. This technology creates the illusion of a real sky, not simply a picture. Our artificial skylights achieve a simulated sky effect with a depth illusion that appears over 30,000 feet high.

Easy Installation

Virtual skylights are much simpler to install than permanent glass or plastic skylight windows, with no need for roof access. They fit seamlessly into various spaces – be it a grid ceiling, recessed ceiling or surface mounted – there is almost technical reason preventing the installation. However, we advise you to install the unit with an electrician in order to insure wiring safety in your room or space. Our technology is IP54 and therefore safe to use in moist environments as well.

Natural Skys & Circadian Rhythms

Our skylights mimic natural light and can align with your circadian rhythm in order to optimize sleep-wake patterns. Beyond visuals, this technology resonates deeply with our biological processes. Whether in homes, offices, educational institutions, or healthcare settings, our products become sources of light, creating windows to healthier and more rhythmically attuned lifestyles.

Features and Benefits of Artificial SkyLight

Sky Over 30,000 Feet Deep

Zigbee Intelligent Ecosystem

Easy Installation

The Blue Sky in the Room

Intelligent Control

Low Maintenance

Enhance Any Room with Azure Artificial Skylights

Home Office

Transform your home office into bright, open spaces with simulated natural light. This lighting uplifts mood, improves focus, and boosts productivity.


Enhance ventilation and lighting to effectively prevent mold and mildew growth, thus promoting a healthier bathroom environment.


Creates a well-lit space like natural daylight, enhancing focus. Bright settings help students stay engaged and absorb info effectively.


Artificial Skylights help patients feel comfortable and speed up their recovery by creating a relaxed and warm atmosphere.

Customers Love It